Case Management

Roxanne McDonald

A case manager coordinates and manages the client’s aftercare plan and any other expectations. The case manager works with the entire clinical team to ensure all wellness recommendations are being met, such as psychiatric appointments, therapy appointments, medication compliance, drug testing, and any other recovery expectations. If so desired, the case manager can create a contract outlying the expectations of the loved one returning home or for financial support.

If you struggle with saying no, with implementing consequences or perhaps live out of state, a case manager can take the anxiety out of the process for you and more importantly, keep the person in recovery on track with their wellness plan. Having a case manager between you and your loved one lets you relax and focus on rebuilding trust and reconnection.

Case management services at RM Services of NC, LLC allow the family members to get on with the healing process and focus on being a family again, without having to enforce the expectations of the loved one who is returning home or requires financial support.

  • Plan for success- This contract describes what’s expected of your loved one and the consequence if they don’t meet those expectations.
  • The case manager gets the aftercare plan from the treatment center and supports the client in achieving their treatment goals.
  • The case manager meets with the client to verify compliance.
    What the family member(s) is willing to do to support recovery and not support addiction.

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