I initially reached out to Roxanne for my 20-year-old son. He wanted more help and financial support, and I knew I did not want to give it without any expectations, and I did not want to manage him. Through setting up a contract and then trying to work with my son, it was obvious that I needed her coaching. I had been attending Alanon and Family Support Groups and workshops but still was having a hard time sticking to what I said and having the strength to stand up to the expert manipulator. Roxanne gently pushed me to say what I meant and mean what I said. She encouraged me to hold my boundaries and just was the solid support I needed all too often. She would point out to me quite clearly the logic of what was going on when I could not see it for myself. She was the calm in the storm and constantly telling me that I was indeed strong enough to hold the line… and hold it not for my son, but rather for me. Though I originally engaged her services to be my son’s coach, she actually became mine, and I am forever grateful. I am now standing up for what is healthy for me, and in doing so, my son hit a “bottom” and he, on his own, got himself into sober living and back into recovery. My hands are off the wheel as Roxanne always says, and guess what… both I and my son have a much better relationship and we are both healthier. I still call her from time to time. It is to get reassurance on how I handle things with him or just to share his progress and my sense of peace! Of all the lots and lots of money spent on treatment, Roxanne was some of the best money spent!

Roxanne was an amazing clinician during my treatment stay at the Carolina center of recovery. Her wisdom and insight into the disease of addiction help set me on the right path to begin my sober journey. I can’t recommend her enough!
Roxanne is a blessing in my life, she is very dedicated and knowledgeable in this area. She digs deep and truly cares for her clients. She has 20+ years of experience, strength, & hope and has helped me in so many areas of my life. She will go to any lengths to see her clients succeed in life and for that I am forever grateful. She is also very funny too, we did lots of cool activities and classes, she puts a fun spin on recovery. She is by far the best Recovery coach around, if you have stumbled onto her page do your self a favor and meet her.
Roxanne is a part of day treatment at Carolina Center for Recovery 3 days a week and her passion, her spirit, and her dedication to recovery is infectious! Using experience, strength, hope & laughter she has become a huge factor in my success during my time at CCR & after. I recommend her as a sober coach, and a speaker (she was incredible speaking for Michael’s Voice).
In this life I can gratefully say I have been afforded help many times just when I needed it. Finding Roxanne and employing her help was momentous for me, just coming out of a dangerously dark battle with alcohol addiction. Well, that is to say, the addiction will always remain. But one of the things Roxanne helped me with was grasping that’s a manageable complication. That every problem is manageable. Manageable with self awareness, honesty, kindness, hard work – frankly things I once possessed, but had let go. I was not looking for someone to just hand me peace, but I was yearning for was a new perspective, one of objectivity without judgement and where the concern was primarily for my freedom and possibilities. Or to put it with a straightforward sense of humor (which Roxanne is great for)… It’s a crazy world out there. It’s not rocket science to get some help and encouragement along the way.

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